Kateryna Shcherbyna was born in Ukraine, 1986.

After finishing the school and the art school 2004 she studied management in a business institute in Crimea, Ukraine.

2007 she moved to Germany to study Art History and Sociology at J.W.-University in Frankfurt, Germany and 2016 she left the university with a Diploma degree in Sociology and Magister degree in Art History and Art pedagogic.

For two and half years she was working the the Lumas photo gallery in Frankfurt and since 2017 she is a manager of a Yellowkorner photogallery in Frankfurt.

Since 2019 she is working on a new series and since 2020 is officially a freelance painter.


21.09.2013 bis 18.10.2013 „Eine Frage der Zeit“ in Galerie Mountee, Eichwaldstr.2, Frankfurt am Main


30.08.2014 bis 15.10.2014 “Eine Frage der Zeit", Stattcafé, Grempstrasse 21, Frankfurt am Main 1


6.10.2014 bis 12.01.2015 “Affenhaus”, HdB, Gärtnerweg 62, Frankfurt am Main


31.05.2020 bis 5.07.2020 "Im Element - Wasser", Ev. Kreuzkirchengemeinde, Walkmühltalanlagen 1,  65195 Wiesbaden

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